How to start a new mini 4 stroke engine : Daytona, Zonsheng, Lifan, YX or others ?

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– Check that the engine has not been damaged during the transport, otherwise contact the after sales service as soon as possible.
– Mount it in the frame. Some engines are wider than the original and require adjustments.
– Drain the oil in the engine, it is a mounting oil and control (All engines are started a few minutes for control)
– Refuel oil: we recommend a synthetic quality oil in 10w40. Depending on the engines you have a side gauge (the level is taken gauge deposited on the crankcase) or a porthole.
– Check the valve clearance according to these indications:

– Lifan and YX 125                          E = 0.08               A = 0.05
– YX150 -160                                      E = 0.08               A = 0.05
– Daytona Anima                            Both on  0.07 

– Be careful not to block or trap the crankcase vent pipe: It is important that the pressure in the crankcases can go away.
– Fit your carburetor and muffler
– Connect the ignition according to the igntion type and provided plan  Be sure to check the common mass/ground between the motor and the high voltage coil. Add a thread if necessary.
– Fit the clutch cable: make sure you do it with some care.
– Start the engine and adjust the carburation if necessary.
– The drive- in periode  must be done for 1500 km: Avoid exceeding 5500 rpm and strong loads (no passengers, no hard coasts and avoid hot weather)
– After the drive-in periode , we advise to check  the valve clearance and replace the oil.

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