Daytona camshaft comparison

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 Camshaft Daytona #86878 is Hi speed range model, marked :  DT190-2

Camshaft Daytona #87163: is Low and mid range, marked DT190-3

Camshaft Daytona #87347: is Low range, marked  DT190-4

DT190-1 : is camshaft for first serie engine all capacity, without decompression system and no more produced.

86878 / DT190-2 is genuine cam for 190 FSM/FS/FDX/FLX/SYS

87163 / DT190-3 is genuine for 150cc and 160cc engines

87347 / DT190-4 is genuine cam for 190 FE/FD/FZ5

Here is a dyno test comparing the 87347 and 86878 on an Anima 190cc with PWK36mm carburetor:

Comparatif arbres à cames Daytona Anima

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